Team Members

Meriem joined iKNOW Politics in October 2015 following her previous consultancy with UN-NGLS in New York, where she facilitated the civil society consultation on indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals; civil society participation for the Third International Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa; and the nomination processes for civil society speakers at the UN, with a focus on outreach for young and female representatives from the Arab world. Her previous experiences include a transitional justice and Human rights internship with UNDP Tunisia.Meriem’s interest in gender equality and political participation is reflected in her experiences such as with GovFaces Switzerland, an online political platform, and Mourakiboun, an elections observation NGO created after the Tunisian revolution for free and fair democratic elections. Meriem holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Grinnell College and Sciences Po Paris and is a recent International Affairs Masters graduate from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies of Geneva. She speaks fluent English, French, and Arabic. Contact: ;