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August 19, 2019
Kenyan politics is a boys’ game, but women are fighting hard for their rightful seat at the table
When footage circulated last week of a Kenyan lawmaker, Hon. Zuleikha Hassan, being kicked out of parliament for coming in with her baby, reactions across the country were mixed, but mostly muted. A home emergency left the Kwale county women’s representative with no one that she could leave her...
August 15, 2019
Japan’s upper house is no place for a woman
It should be no surprise that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has declared gender equality to be one of his main priorities. Japan ranks 125 out of 149 countries in measures of female political empowerment and 117 in measures of economic opportunity—a problem for both its global image and its...
August 13, 2019
Source: NBC News
The podcast that's inspiring women to pursue positions in leadership
Women have made great progress in the struggle for equality. But when it comes to filling leadership positions, women lag substantially behind men across industries, including in law, medicine, finance, academia and politics. In podcasting, there’s also a gender imbalance—with just 22 percent of...
August 13, 2019
Source: BBC
Zuleika Hassan: Kenyan MP with baby ordered to leave parliament
Female MPs have walked out of Kenya's parliament in solidarity with a colleague who was ordered to leave because she had taken her baby. Zuleika Hassan said she had brought her five-month-old baby with her to work because of a domestic emergency and that parliament didn't have a creche. According...
July 26, 2019
How to get women’s voices heard in African politics
Across the world activists are working hard to get more women in politics. But getting women into politics is only half of the challenge. The second half is to make sure that women are not only seen, but also heard.  This means being able to speak out about the issues that concern them, and...
July 22, 2019
Source: Japan Times
Record number of women win seats in Japan election, but female voters wary of government's empowerment pledge
Despite a record number of women winning seats in Sunday’s Upper House election, some female voters have expressed doubts about the government’s commitment to empowering women. In Sunday’s election 28 women won seats, matching the figure seen in the previous Upper House election in 2016 and...
July 22, 2019
Source: CNN
Japan election: Surge of women candidates could reshape male-dominated parliament
One of the world's most unequal parliaments could be about to get a lot more female, or ... maybe not. Voting is underway in Japan's general election, where a record number of women are running for office to fill 124 of the 245 seats in the upper House of Councilors. Half of the upper chamber of...
July 18, 2019
Source: The Vox
How 4 congresswomen came to be called “the Squad”
The term is making headlines, but Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley, and Tlaib have their own definition. Sometime in the past few months, four members of Congress came to be referred to in mainstream media outlets as “the Squad.” The story of how that happened says a lot about politics in...
July 17, 2019
Source: The Star
Encourage women in politics, says IEBC
The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has called for policies that will encourage women to play active roles in mainstream politics. IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati, in a speech read on his behalf by commissioner Abdi Guliye, said measures must be put in place to ensure effective...