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Women's Leadership

Womens Leadership

While there have been important advances in women’s leadership in politics, as of November 1 2017, women make up only 7.2% of Heads of State and 6.2% Heads of Government. Data on women representatives in local government, including as mayors, heads of villages and towns, is not well collected and analyzed. The adoption of an SDG indicator on women’s representation in local government is a great step forward in tracking progress on gender balance, allowing for the systematic collection and analysis of data on women in local government. Women’s access to and continued role in leadership positions is challenged by a range of barriers, including discriminatory laws and practices, as well as social norms that prescribe traditional roles and attitudes towards women’s participation in leadership and decision-making roles. Proactive gender-equality policies within political parties and local government structures, including quotas and special temporary measures, gender-sensitive approaches to electoral processes, support networks, mentoring, training, and engagement of male champions, can all help promote women’s role in political leadership. 


House of Commons unanimously adopts new parental-leave policy for MPs
For the first time ever, members of Parliament will have the right to take paid parental leave from their jobs on Parliament Hill when they adopt or give birth.The House of Commons unanimously agreed...
Women are 'less effective in politics than men', 1 in 5 democratic and...
More than three-quarters of Democrats say gender and sexism factored into Hillary Clinton's 2016 election loss and a significant percentage of left-leaning male voters still don't trust a woman to...
A new poll shows how sexism and electability collide in 2020
A record number of women are running to be the next president of the United States, but Americans still don’t seem to think the country is ready for them, according to a new Daily Beast and...
Kenya MP arrested 'for slapping female colleague'
A Kenyan MP has been arrested for allegedly slapping a female colleague because she did not allocate money to his constituency.Rashid Kassim is accused of slapping Fatuma Gedi, who sits on the budget...
UN Women Liberia push for 30% participation in politics
As Liberian prepared to cast their votes in the Montserrado’s Representative and Senatorial by-elections, the UN Women has recently engaged stakeholders to give serious consideration to women...
Three out of four Greeks believe the country needs more women in politics
A recent survey conducted by Greece‘s Research Center for Gender Equality (KETHI) in April found that 72 percent of Greeks believe that the country needs more women in politics, and their...
Canada’s first Ambassador for women, peace & security
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada has said that when women play an active role in conflict prevention and peace building, and when their rights are respected, we are better able to achieve...
Scottish Parliament campaign launched to get more women to becomes MSPs
A major Holyrood drive has been unveiled aimed at getting more women to become MSPs after numbers stalled in recent years.More than 400 women from across Scotland are to be invited to a day at the...
Political violence against women tracked for first time as attacks soar
Violence targeted against female politicians and activists will be tracked for the first time by a global database, amid indications of a recent rise in attacks.Researchers reviewed thousands of...

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