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Women's Leadership

Womens Leadership

While there have been important advances in women’s leadership in politics, as of November 1 2017, women make up only 7.2% of Heads of State and 6.2% Heads of Government. Data on women representatives in local government, including as mayors, heads of villages and towns, is not well collected and analyzed. The adoption of an SDG indicator on women’s representation in local government is a great step forward in tracking progress on gender balance, allowing for the systematic collection and analysis of data on women in local government. Women’s access to and continued role in leadership positions is challenged by a range of barriers, including discriminatory laws and practices, as well as social norms that prescribe traditional roles and attitudes towards women’s participation in leadership and decision-making roles. Proactive gender-equality policies within political parties and local government structures, including quotas and special temporary measures, gender-sensitive approaches to electoral processes, support networks, mentoring, training, and engagement of male champions, can all help promote women’s role in political leadership. 


IGNITE empowers women in politics on and off campus
Two years ago, the UW created its own chapter of IGNITE, a non-partisan organization dedicated to supporting women in politics. Last year, the chapter officially became an RSO.IGNITE is the largest...
Record number of new mayors and young members revealed
Voters in the 2019 local elections have elected the largest number of new mayors in 30 years, with 26 candidates set to don mayoral chains for the first time later this month.This injection of new...
Rwanda sets new world record on female representation in parliament
Rwanda has broken its current world record of 64 per cent female representation in Parliament, setting a new one of 67.5 per cent. Out of 80 seats, women now occupy 54 seats, a new world record...
Future Policy Award 2019 crowns eight best policies empowering youth
Policies from Rwanda, Estonia, Scotland, Nepal, South Africa, Europe, Los Angeles and Senegal are this year’s winners of the ‘Oscar for best policies’Eight inspiring and impactful laws and policies...
#Girl2Leader campaign to inspire girls into politics
To mark the United Nations’ International Day of the Girl Child today, 11 October, the #Girl2Leader programme is connecting girls with female mentors in politics.Women Political Leaders (WPL), a...
Professor of Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics talks struggles w...
The issues women face when seeking elected office were discussed in a lecture Thursday at Iowa State.Kelly Winfrey, assistant professor of journalism and coordinator of research and outreach for...
Poor representation: In Mumbai, 31 out of 334 candidates are women
In a city where politicians are earnestly vying for women’s votes who account for 46 per cent of Mumbai’s population, female participation in electoral politics remains abysmally low.Of the total 334...
Twitter in India launches initiatives for engagement between leaders and voters...
As the voting for Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections draw close, Twitter India has launched several initiatives to provide real-time updates on campaign trail, working closely with political...
Poland’s drift to right divides young male and female voters
Out on the campaign trail before Poland’s parliamentary elections, Jolanta Banach, a leftwing candidate, has noticed a recurring pattern. “There’s a young couple out for a walk with a pushchair, and...

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