Emerging Trends in Women’s Participation in Politics in Africa

Women have traditionally been marginalised from the structures of state that determine political and legislative 

priorities. In recent years, Africa has witnessed rapid escalation in female political representation. This paper 

illustrates the emerging trends that have been noted in women’s political participation in Africa. These changes 

have engendered the potential for increasing women’s entrance to political power. The new trends in women’s 

political participation have been aided by an amalgamation of numerous factors. The paper examines the factors 

that have led to the positive changes in women’s political participation. Despite the fact that, African women have 

made significant treads in political participation, worldwide a colossal gap is still in existence. Women have a 

gargantuan task before they can be acknowledged as full equals and partners to their male counterparts. The 

barriers to women’s participation will also the analysed and finally draw recommendations to improve women’s 


Resource type: 
American International Journal of Contemporary Research
Publication year: 

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