February 24, 2016
Margaret Mensah Wlliams, Deputy Speaker of the National Council of Namibia
Margaret Mensah Wlliams is the Deputy Speaker of the National Council of Namibia, President of the Inter-parliamentary Union’s (IPU) Women Coordinating Committee and was previously a member of the IPU’s Executive Committee. Click here to watch iKNOW Politics' previous interview with Margaret Mensah...
February 24, 2016
Melody Dziva, Youngest Member of Parliament in Zimbabwe
Melody Dziva is 29 years old. She is the youngest woman Member of Parliament in Zimbabwe, and she represents the Zanu PF Party which is the current party in power. Melody Dziva is the Deputy Secretary General for the Women Parliamentary Caucus of Zimbabwe in addition to being a member of the...
February 24, 2016
Sue Lines, Member of Parliament in Australia
Sue Lines is a Member of the Australian Senate for Western Australia, a member of the Labor Party, and an official of the Australian Trade Union. This interview was conducted during the 133rd IPU Assembly. 
January 22, 2016
Alaa Murabit, The Voice of Libyan Women: A progressive voice amid violence and insecurity
This written interview was originally published on 12 January 2016 here by AWID. The interview was conducted and edited by Isabel Marler. Women were at the forefront of the pro-democracy protests in Libya in 2011, which, after escalating into civil war, culminated in the ousting of dictator...
December 24, 2015
Anita Vandenbeld, Member of Parliament in Canada
    iKNOW Politics interviewed Ms. Anita Vandenbeld, newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) in Canada and member of the Liberal Party. Ms. Vadenbeld reported to us over the phone that in the recent election, she had the highest number of votes of any woman in the Liberal Party as well as the...
November 25, 2015
Radhika Coomaraswamy, Civil Representative to the Constitutional Council of Sri Lanka, Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations
Interview with Ms Radhika Coomaraswamy How do you evaluate women’s standing across regions in politics nowadays? Are we improving women’s political participation overall? We are making clear gains in women’s participation in some areas. Globally, the number of women parliamentarians has nearly...
March 24, 2015
Nidhi Shendurnikar Tere, Independent researcher
iKNOW Politics volunteer Bhumi Shah interviews Nidhi Shendurnikar Tere who is an independent researcher with interests in political science, peace and conflict, gender and popular culture. Also, she was a former UGC fellow of the Department of Political Science, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of...
Baroness Sandip Verma
March 23, 2015
Baroness Sandip Verma, Uday Nagaraju interviewed Baroness Sandip Verma, Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department of Energy and Climate Change) and member of House of Lords, United Kingdom.
 UN) What are the common issues concerning women in the UK and what actions has your government taken to overcome these? (BV) It has to be recognised that for far too long the disparity in pay opportunities and access to a range of jobs and services are disproportionately weighted against women for...
Joanna Maycock
February 22, 2015
Joanna Maycock, European Women’s Lobby (EWL) Secretary General
talks to Malgorzata Bratkrajc, iKnow Politics writer volunteer, about her successful career in development sector, the reasons behind joining European Women’s Lobby, and the challenges lying ahead of the association in the years to come. Find out more about European Women’s Lobby on their website:...