Young Parliamentarians' Project

Case Study

September 21, 2016

Young Parliamentarians' Project

CDRSEE organized four seminars in Thessaloniki that joined Members of Parliament from Southeast Europe, Western Europe and the European Parliament, as well as numerous professionals, economists, and journalists to discuss issues of concern for the region. Four topics were focussed on in the seminars: the working of parliamentary democracy, the relationship between politics and the media, the working of a free market economy, and the organisation of political parties. The participants of the conferences all recognised and noted the importance of reconciliation in the region, and the vitality of dialogues such as the ones facilitated through this project for reaching that goal. 

The Center's Young Parliamentarians' Project was built around a series of seminars that enabled young Members of Parliament from Southeast Europe to join parliamentarians from both Western Europe and the European Parliament, as well as professionals, economists and journalists, to discuss issues of urgent and continuing concern to the region. Four seminars took place in Thessaloniki over the course of February to June 2000. 

The results of the seminars were resoundingly positive: Members of Parliaments from Southeast Europe noted the significance of meeting each other as well as the importance of talking with other parliamentarians and professionals from Western Europe. The subjects explored at the seminars were: 

Source: Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe

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