Summary of the e-Discussion on the SDGs and women's political participation

From 9 January to 12 February 2017, iKNOW Politics hosted an e-Discussion on Women’s political participation: a fundamental prerequisite for gender equality, democracy and achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Fourteen experts from Latin America, the Arab region, and Sub-Saharan Africa engaged in the online debate. The e-Discussion gathered 2 contributions in Arabic, 7 in English, 1 in French, and 4 in Spanish. Comprising of politicians, members of civil society organizations, students, and representatives of government institutions, the participants commonly stressed the importance of civil society to ensure quality monitoring of the SDGs and of SDG 5 in particular.

There is a general agreement among participants on the necessity of strong commitments, both political and budgetary, of governments to make the delivery of the Agenda possible. Sometimes these commitments come in the form of state agencies, while there are also examples of national or regional action plans and frameworks.

The iKNOW Politics team thanks all iKNOW Politics members and experts who took the time to answer the questions of this e-Discussion and share experiences, practices and recommendations, which are summarized below. 

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Publication year: 
March 2017

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