Few, but Mighty: Women and Bill Sponsorship in the Pennsylvania General Assembly

Throughout this report, the authors offer a look at the unique strengths that women bring to policymaking and their impact on government is examined. They start by examining women’s representation in government, highlighting the underrepresentation of women both in the Pennsylvania state legislature and national offices. The link between women’s representation and state policy is articulated, and areas of concern are addressed. Sponsorship, bipartisanship, collaboration, and legislative success are each explored. They address questions specific to the role of gender in patterns of bill sponsorship in the Pennsylvania General Assembly by drawing on bill sponsorship data from Pennsylvania’s 2013- 2014 legislative term, as well as insights from women who served in the General Assembly at that time.

Click here to access the report. 

Resource type: 
Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics
Chatham University Women's Institute
Publication year: 
May 2017

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