Webinar Youth for Democracy and Social Action


March 6, 2015

Webinar Youth for Democracy and Social Action

Occupy London

Traditional political institutions have undertaken efforts to become more accessible for young people and women yet it seems these efforts were not enough to break the hierarchical structure of these institutions. In both north and south, citizens are disappointed with governments, based on concerns of corruption, lack of responsiveness to the needs of the poor and the absence of a sense of connection with elected representatives and bureaucrats. With the flourishing of civil society and new forms of participatory democracy, citizens have forged new paths to representation and activism. Young people have found a way to have their voices heard, by leading movements where young women have also actively engaged. 

We are inviting 3 inspiring women from international and national organizations to tell you more on their work in supporting youth political participation. 

Noella Richard, UNDP Youth Policy Specialist, to present the UNDP Youth strategy 

Wala Kasmi, iKNOW Politics member and Founder of Youth Decide, Tunisia. 

Gloria Alcocer, Executive Director, Organizacion Fuerza Ciudadada, Mexico 

In this Webinar you will learn more on: 

• Where and how youth have made a difference; 
• Good practices for the engagement of young women in politics; 
• Differences in both levels and modes of political participation of youth across genders; 
• Youth activism to pave a way to increased participation of young women in politics; 

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