A woman’s place is in the Oval Office

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December 26, 2019

A woman’s place is in the Oval Office


By Barbara Leedom,

A new decade is almost here, and we’ll vote for a new president next November. I will vote for a woman. It’s been almost a century since women got the vote in the U.S. It’s time for all women to stand up, stand out and vote for one of us in local and national elections.

We need more women in Congress. And the time has come for a woman to be president: POTUS. It should have come sooner, but it didn’t. There’s nothing to do about that except lament. Lamenting is not beneficial.

At least 60 countries have had women leaders. Why not us? The notion, among some, is women’s place is still in the home. Too nurturing. Too unpredictable. Too little experience. Baloney to all these. And, guys, what’s pejorative about nurturing? Nurturing’s nice.

Our current POTUS is misogynistic. He has called women candidates and women who hold political offices inflammatory names. One is “shrill.” Another is “wacky.” Another is “a nasty woman” and another is “Look at that face, would anyone vote for that?”

The name-calling is deliberate and meant to be demeaning. It’s his guy thing. The women haven’t retaliated in kind, and that says a lot for those women.

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