NDI's Youth Political Participation Program: Ana Usharek


NDI’s youth program aims to promote engagement among youth in the electoral and political processes through civic education, active learning and targeted participation. NDI’s program is two-tiered: students begin with the Ana Usharek (“I Participate”) program and learn about the basics of the political system, then graduate to the Usharek+ program, where they channel that knowledge into active participation and advocacy. Ana Usharek engages university students in the political process throughdiscussions and interactive learning on democracy, human rights, electoral systems, political parties, and the role of the media, citizenship and local governance. Beginning at eight universities in 2011, the Ana Usharek program and is now implemented in 28 universities, public and private, in every governorate in Jordan. More than 30,000 students have graduated from the program.

Youth Political Participation Program - Ana Usharek برنامج تمكين الشباب - أنا أشارك

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