Nigeria: Women Decry Political Party Primaries, Seek Deputy Governorship

Women have complained about the recent primaries carried out by different political parties in the country saying they did not favour them and they were also cowed and forced into submission to the men.

Speaking under the aegis of the 100 Women Lobby Group, they said Nigerian women are unhappy on the different dynamics and outcome of the current primaries at the political level which has played out to be totally against the wish and will of Nigerian women.

"They are being tactfully edged out and battered emotionally in the party primary elections in each of the states that have carried out their primaries, because of the perceived money politics, undue interference of political leaders, intimidation and negative cajoling of women which has affected the outcome of women's participation at the party level," they said.

We invite our users to read the full article published December 12 2014

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