Gender Equality: Striving for Justice in an Unequal World

Report / White Paper

September 27, 2007

Gender Equality: Striving for Justice in an Unequal World

Based on the findings of UNRISD ongoing gender research and over 60 specially commissioned studies, the report’s analysis is centred on the economic and political reforms of the 1990s. If most of these reforms did not directly address gender equality, they nevertheless received considerable scrutiny from a gender perspective. And whatever their intentions, they had significant and mixed implications for gender relations and women’s well-being. 

As its title alludes, achieving gender equality and gender justice will be very difficult in a world that is increasingly unequal. The report presents strong arguments for why gender equality must be placed at the core of efforts to reorient the development agenda. Indeed, if some of the key contemporary challenges (economic growth and structural transformation, equality and social protection, and democratization) are to be met, this is essential.

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