Kuwait: ‘Women as judges, prosecutors step in right direction’

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Kuwait: ‘Women as judges, prosecutors step in right direction’

Women political activists say they feel proud of Kuwaiti women entering judicial circles following a decision to appoint them in position of Public Prosecutors and judges.
They consider this a victory for women who until lately had been marginalized in a male dominated society, something which contradicted the reality when the Kuwaiti women had reached leadership levels after holding the office of ministers and being elected Members of Parliament in addition to other positions.
The Head of Women’s Cultural and Social Organization Sheikha Al-Nisf said the fact that Kuwaiti women have ‘entered’ judicial circles as a public prosecutor or a judge is a move in the right direction, because, women are equivalent to men in every field.
Al-Nisf indicated women had been deprived of their rights to participate in the judiciary due to some extremist factions which have always gained from women issues.
She added finally women have entered the judicial system, and those who are against it should also stop participating in political life because they seem to be detached from contemporary reality, and also, they are the same people who fought against women’s political rights.

Read more at Arab Times, published 21 September 2012.