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Expert: Oyungerel Tsedevdamba

The short answer for your question is HARD WORK. I work doubly hard in order to reach more people. Read, learn and think about some topics that are most crucial or most interesting or totally ignored by other politicians. Speak for the young people, and other social groups of your constituency. Give lectures, go on news hours with your knowledge and ideas that will help improve your community. It can be about how to study foreign language, how to fight with new virus, or how to understand your important cultural heritage etc. For example, I studied paleontology that was long ignored by politicians (although my background is totally not related to it) so that Mongolians can learn and appreciate about our invaluable dinosaurs. My dinosaur related works made me more popular than any other topics I dealt with in my 25 years of career. To see my examples, you can google “oyungerel tsedevdamba, dinosaurs”


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