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Dear Monbey

You are absolutely right, the men use money no matter what, and we dont want to make women's access to politics is an issue of money, then it will be critical as we all know women are poorest. But if we are to treat this issue institutionally we need to remember that overall men are acquiring the most of the wealth around the world, and we are faced with such structural and institutional inequality and we will continue to see women as the face of poverty.

The UN talked in many of its documents on MDGs about the feminization of poverty. Poverty has a feminine face and it is very significant to develop strategy that can impact women’ s access to fund. Now women cannot assume the ownership of wealth in a glimpse of an eye, but we can lay down structural and institutional measures that allow them access to politics, money and share the economy.

Without restraining the political campaigning finances, the outcome will always be men are dominating powerful and rich, particularly in developing countries. 


I talked also about having strategy within the limited money, allocating the money for early use could make a difference, and having strong approach and programme in elections might help boosting women’s chances. Thus how you use this limited fund, when and where could make a difference.


In a last note I would really say: Why limited fund in the first place?

Feminization of poverty, lack of access to finances, to education, lack of liberties for women, all these are few of the product of the societal structural patriarchal system, and we need to work towards changing the structure that does not allow women accesses. There is no one answer or method that can help women taking good places in politics, campaigning for women among women might help as well and in many areas you may find that women eligible voter are far more than men, here a strategy could be used to secure women voting for women. Depending on the circumstances and specificity of each and every case of women struggling to take place in politics, women themselves can innovate approaches and strategies that can suit the circumstances and help them in their way to politics. Fundraising is one suggestion and you may mention many other approaches to raise fund for women inclusion in politics. I hope I help in stimulating minds in thinking on strategies and approaches the we can use, not only with the limited fund but also with the strategy that unpack the patriarchal structure.

 Thanks a lot


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