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September 9, 2019
Source: TRT World
A new face in Kosovo looks to transform the role of women in politics
Political apathy is increasing in Kosovo and political parties are trying to reach new constituencies. TRT World spoke to one new candidate who wants to make a difference. Pristina, Kosovo - As Kosovo heads for arguably its most important elections in the past two decades, I sat down with one of...
September 6, 2019
For Rohingya women, refugee elections bring new opportunities – and new problems
Romida Begum sat on a chair in her tent home. Nearby, her older male assistant eyed her with a sideways glance. Romida – 27, a woman, and a refugee – couldn’t help but smirk: for once in her life, she was in charge. Last June, Romida and other refugees headed to the polls in Shalbagan camp, one...
September 6, 2019
Source: The Star
Men are more confident to enter politics and more likely to have been encouraged to run, poll shows
Men have greater confidence in their ability to serve as politicians and are more likely to have been personally encouraged to enter politics, a new poll shows, underscoring factors why women are under-represented at all levels of elected office in Canada. One obstacle highlighted by the poll for...
September 6, 2019
Scottish women invited to take the step into politics
Hundreds of women aspiring for a career in politics will be gathering for a dynamic day at the Scottish Parliament tomorrow (Saturday 7 September). The event has been put together by Scotland's Women Stand, a movement to support and empower women of Scotland to stand for political office. The...
September 6, 2019
Source: Daily FT
Women and politics
For the first time in 20 years a woman candidate has been named to contest at the upcoming Presidential Election. Environmentalist Dr. Ajantha Perera being nominated is largely seen as a positive sign for increased women representation in Sri Lankan politics, which remains largely male dominated. ...
September 5, 2019
Source: Brookings
Women’s political participation and development
On July 29th, 2019, Brookings India hosted Sonia Bhalotra for a Development Seminar on Women’s Political Participation and Development. She presented two co-authored papers, “Women Legislators and Economic Performance” (2018)[1] and “Maternal Mortality and Women’s Political Participation” (2018)[2...
September 4, 2019
Source: IISD
Gender equality leaders call for parity to achieve SDGs
The Group of Gender Equality Leaders established by UN General Assembly (UNGA) President Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garces issued a set of recommendations on gender parity in education and access to health services, as well as promoting women’s “full and effective participation.” The Group held its...
August 30, 2019
Source: VOA
Sudan: While peace deal is signed, feminists fight for representation
In Sudan, women are well-represented in the workforce. They are not lacking in any public spaces. And over the past few months, they have made up half, if not more, of the protest crowds making demands of their new transitional government. Women were an integral part of protests that led to the...
August 27, 2019
Source: Ms Magazine
What “Votes for Women” Means in 2020
By Erin Vilardi, As we celebrate Women’s Equality Day today—and openly recognize it’s flawed history in the full enfranchisement of all women—we continue the fight for equality and self-determination in our democracy. Next year, when we mark the centennial of (white) women’s suffrage in the U.S.,...