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Mentorship programs to support candidates and elected female MPs beyond training and study tours
"Whenever I am asked what the missing link is between a promising businessperson and a successful one, mentoring comes to mind; if you are looking to make your way in business, try to find a mentor....
The use of ICTs to empower women in politics (webinar)
 The 21st century has seen an unprecedented increase in the percentage of internet users around the world. 27.5% of people in Asia are now internet users, in Latin America and the Caribbean it’s 42.9...
Women's Participation in the Constitution-Building process
Many countries have, in recent decades, written or revised their constitutions, such as Afghanistan, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ecuador, Egypt, Iraq, Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya...
Women’s participation in politics in (post) conflict countries: Role of women in peace negotiations
“Wherever there is conflict, women must be part of the solution” – Michelle BacheletWomen must be allowed to participate in peace negotiations as well as be a part of the transition process after a...
Challenges for women in politics: the glass ceiling - stereotypes in terms of portfolio assignments
“The principles of gender-sensitive parliaments can be advanced if women occupy leadership positions as parliamentarians and as key members of parliamentary staff, as they are in a position to...