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Thursday, March 02, 2017
Liberian women are getting ready to lead in 2017 with NDI training
When Liberians go to the polls on October 10, they will see more women on the ballots. That is, if 138 “women’s leadership boot camp” graduates have anything to say about it.   Although in 2005 Liberians elected Africa’s first woman head of state,...
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
BRIDGE Trainings on Gender & Elections, and Media & Elections in Haiti
By Marie Doucey International IDEA and the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), with the support of the Swiss Confederation and USAID, organized two BRIDGE workshops in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on gender and elections and on media...
Wednesday, February 08, 2017
International IDEA Organized Haiti’s First Female Mayors National Conference
From 27-30 November 2016, International IDEA Haiti office organized a conference for the National Federation of Women Mayors of Haiti (FENAFEMH), in partnership with the South Training Institute (IFOS). For the first time in Haiti, a 30% gender...
Friday, February 03, 2017
Ready to Run™ Philadelphia
Ready to Run™ Pennsylvania provides bi-partisan political training to encourage women to run for government leadership positions. The day-long program targets women considering or recently deciding to run for political office, providing training and...
Friday, February 03, 2017
Ready to Run™ Pittsburgh
Ready to Run™ Pennsylvania provides bi-partisan political training to encourage women to run for government leadership positions. The day-long program targets women considering or recently deciding to run for political office, providing training and...
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Even with rise of political outsiders, women take traditional path to power in the US
When she thinks about getting women involved in government, Kelly Dittmar can’t help but be reminded of asparagus. A few years ago, Dittmar, an expert on women’s participation in politics, had a friend who needed to fill a spot on “some sort of...
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Will Trump's election lead to more women in politics?
As Hillary Clinton exits the national stage, US women continue to pursue a political life. Will a Trump presidency motivate more women to run for office? The election of Donald Trump delivered a crushing blow to US women's rights activists hoping to...
maldives un women
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Maldives: Workshop on women’s participation and leadership in peace and security
The United Nations in Maldives and the UN Women Multi-Country Office for India, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka organized a workshop to discuss women’s participation and leadership in peace and security based on the principles of the historic UN...
Thursday, December 08, 2016
A framework for developing internal gender policies for electoral management bodies
International IDEA has conceptualized this Framework in order to provide an example of the main elements of an internal gender policy for an electoral management body (EMB). Its purpose is to support EMBs in their aspirations and efforts to create...
Tuesday, December 06, 2016
Resisting Women’s Political Leadership: Theories, Data, Solutions
Over the last twenty years, the world has witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of women serving in elected and appointed political roles. Having more women in politics has been viewed in largely positive terms, as leading to attention to a wider...
Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Gender-sensitive reforms in parliament are necessary to eliminate violence against women
The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) follows up its landmark study on sexism against women MPs with an initiative to advance gender-sensitive reforms in parliament. On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, IPU launched...
ipu toolkit
Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Evaluating the gender sensitivity of parliaments: A self assessment toolkit by IPU
While parliaments vary in their level of gender sensitivity, there is room for improvement across the globe. This toolkit is relevant to all parliaments, whatever political system they adhere to and whatever their stage of development. The self-...
Monday, November 14, 2016
Workshop to promote gender and social inclusion policy and electoral law reform in the Kingdom of Lesotho
Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is working to promote the organization of credible and participatory elections in the Kingdom of Lesotho. Building on past election experiences, post-election reports and election observation recommendations,...
Wednesday, November 02, 2016
Jordan: Enhancing Women’s Participation in Elections
As part of its ongoing effort to empower Jordanian women to more effectively engage in the political process, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) launched a program on “Enhancing Women’s Participation in Elections.” The program targeted women...
Monday, October 03, 2016
Guide on Constitution Assessment for Women's Equality
The constitution-building process provides an extraordinary opportunity for women and gender-equality advocates to participate in the framing of democratic institutions. The Constitution Assessment for Women’s Equality helps users analyse a...
Thursday, September 22, 2016
Gender mainstreaming research services
Overview Promoting gender equality outcomes in parliament Gender equality and gender mainstreaming: key definitions Gender research: questions driving gender research across all policy areas Collecting and using sex–disaggregated data Gender...
Thursday, September 22, 2016
E-learning Portal for Parliaments
The platform features different courses focused on capacity-building for MPs. 
Wednesday, September 21, 2016
USAID: Strengthening Women's Rights and Political Participation
Strengthening women’s rights and addressing barriers to political participation are critical to achieving gender equality and female empowerment. USAID is supporting women around the world by: Providing training for female members of political...