A Resource for Gender Responsive Budgeting Groups

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September 25, 2018

A Resource for Gender Responsive Budgeting Groups


“Gender responsive budgeting is a tool to bring about change.”

This means persuading policy-makers (government, parliament, civil servants) to think about what impact spending and revenue raising decisions will have on gender equality and to adopt policies that will bring about greater equality between women and men.

So, Gender Responsive Budgeting is not just a method of policy assessment, but of policy improvement.

The Women’s Budget Group has written this casebook from the perspective of a non-government organisation.

On the following pages you will find:

An introduction to gender responsive budgeting.

Case studies which highlight the lessons that can be learnt from experiences in the UK.

Links to online resources.

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Resource type: 
Women’s Budget group
Publication year: 
May 2018