COVID-19 pandemic, Cyberbullying and political violence against women



COVID-19 pandemic, Cyberbullying and political violence against women

Friday, October 9, 2020 - 18:00 to 20:00

This webinar series is part of the Commonwealth Secretariat effort at fostering virtual dialogues on the gendered and shadow impact of COVID-19 on women, through its Inclusive Dialogue and Women’s Political Participation Project.

During these sessions, Commonwealth governments, the Secretariat, partner institutions and experts will join a dialogue on how political, electoral and governance stakeholders in Africa and the Caribbean are addressing the impact of the pandemic on women - as well as reflect on opportunities for positive change.

COVID-19 is already threatening democratic governance, elections and transitions in Commonwealth member countries, and there are concerns around the longer-term impacts on politics, societies, and economies.

But as public space closes, both literally and politically, the pandemic is turning back the clock on gender equality and women’s political empowerment.

While women have been engaged on the frontline of healthcare delivery, they remain underrepresented in the political decision-making processes influencing pandemic management.

Extended quarantines have also increased rates of domestic violence, which has been further intensified by anxiety around job losses. Job security has become especially risky for women whose usual childcare services have been suspended.

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