International IDEA Organized Haiti’s First Female Mayors National Conference

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International IDEA Organized Haiti’s First Female Mayors National Conference

From 27-30 November 2016, International IDEA Haiti office organized a conference for the National Federation of Women Mayors of Haiti (FENAFEMH), in partnership with the South Training Institute (IFOS).

For the first time in Haiti, a 30% gender quota was implemented for municipal election. As a result, there are now 143 female mayors in the country (12 Mayors and 131 Deputy Mayors). The objective of this historic event was to allow all female mayors (130 attended the conference) from the 10 departments of the country to meet, share their experience, best practices and lessons learned, but also to strengthen their knowledge on a variety of topics such as democratic accountability at local level or gender mainstreaming in municipal policies. Also, the event allowed to reinforce the functioning of FENAFEMH and support female mayors in the exercise of their functions. Several other themes were discussed, including: democracy and governance, democracy and accountability, territorial collectivity and decentralization, management of municipalities and capacity building, specific needs and strategic interests of women in public policies, the function of mayor, and financing the development of municipalities. These themes were selected to respond to the female mayors’ needs and challenges they face.

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