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Qataris vote in the Gulf Arab state's first legislative elections for two-thirds of the advisory Shura Council
Monday, October 04, 2021
Qatar: No women elected in nation's first ever legislative polls
Male candidates were elected in all 30 of the seats up for grabs on the Shura Council, despite 26 women running in the polls. None of the 26 women who stood in Qatar's first ever legislative elections have been chosen by voters. Around 63.5% of...
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Qatar: Many Qatari Men Averse to Women Entering Politics
A quarter of Qatari males interviewed in a survey on the role of the upcoming parliament said they believed women should not take up political career. To read the full article, please visit The Peninsula Qatar's Website.
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Qatar: Activist Calls for Seat Reservation for Qatari Women in Elected Forums
The most effective way to ensure Qatari women enter politics is to reserve seats for them in elected bodies, says a Qatari champion of women's rights. To read the full article, please visit The Peninsula Qatar's Website
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Qatar: Qatar's only female municipal councillor plans to be next vice president
Shaikha Al Jufairi, the only woman in Qatar's Central Municipal Council (CMC), said that she has plans to run for the post of vice-president.  Shaikha this month retained her seat in the council for the third time in a row by trouncing her...