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Monday, June 04, 2007
Getting The Balance Right In National Parliaments
This brief provides description of quotas for women, proportional representation, and campaign subsidies as tools for overcoming structural barriers and achieving critical mass of women in politics.
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Gender and Development: Bridging The Gap Between Research and Action
This paper analyzes the effects of gender and intrahousehold issues on development intervention outcomes providing specific guidance on how to incorporate research findings into development projects and policy instruments. It discusses the...
Thursday, April 19, 2007
Gender Equality and The Millennium Development Goals
This report has three main objectives: to show the strong linkages between gender equality and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); to show that working for gender equality offers a compelling, win-win approach for policy makers and planners...
Monday, March 19, 2007
Gender Equality and Extension of Women's Rights in Russia in the Context of the UN Millennium Development Goals
This report analyzes the current situation in Russia with regard to different forms of gender inequality. It identifies key policy areas towards achievement of the third Millennium Development Goal, with respect to the specific Russian context. It...
Monday, March 12, 2007
Gender and Sexuality
Gender and sexuality are important in political struggles and development. This report explores the framework of sexual rights and the work of the United Nations in areas of gender and sexual rights, as well as describes efforts to focus activism...
Monday, March 12, 2007
Gender and Budgets
This report describes the importance of gender budgeting initiatives (GBIs). It includes a definition of GBIs, a description of tools for implementing GBIs, and strategies for advocating for gender-sensitive budgets.
Monday, March 12, 2007
Gender and HIV/AIDS
This report outlines the importance of locating HIV/AIDS within a gendered human rights framework. It analyzes how HIV/AIDS exacerbates gender inequality, and how gender inequality shapes the economic, political, and social factors driving the HIV...
Monday, March 12, 2007
Gender and Citizenship
Citizenship and gender are integral to development theory and practice. This report attempts to illustrate how reframing citizenship from a gender perspective can introduce broader rights and political participation as development goals. It also...
Monday, March 12, 2007
Gender Equity and Peacebuilding, From Rhetoric to Reality: Finding the Way
By focusing on issues of gender in the context of conflict and post-conflict reconstruction, this paper assesses the progression over the past decade in international thinking, policy statements, and development programming related to post-conflict...
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Generating Opportunities: Case Studies on Energy and Women
This publication is a compilation of eight case studies drawn from Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nepal, South Africa and Uganda. The studies analyze energy projects in these countries in terms of their involvement with and impacts on...
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Gender-Sensitive Budgeting
This fact sheet provides a brief explanation of gender budgeting and highlights its importance in promoting gender equality, alleviating poverty, and building human capacities. It includes a short description of advancements made in Uganda with...
Friday, February 09, 2007
Gender Equality and the Status of Women in Kazakhstan
This report provides a detailed analysis of the status of women in Kazakhstan. It reveals the causes of gender inequality and discusses the institutional mechanisms that have been developed to protect and improve the status of women in the country....
Thursday, July 31, 2003
Gender and armed conflict- Supporting Resources Collection
This collection of resources on gender and armed conflict sheds light on how gender inequality intersects with armed conflict and its aftermath, resulting in gender-specific disadvantage that is often overlooked. It forms part of the Cutting Edge...