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Monday, October 28, 2013
Report of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, Rashida Manjoo
The present report contains the findings of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, following her visit to Papua New Guinea. The Special Rapporteur examines the situation of violence against women in the...
Thursday, June 27, 2013
Report of the Sub-Regional Forum on Women's Participation in Post-Revolution Parliamentary Elections
This report aims at documenting the proceedings of the Sub-Regional Forum on Women’s Participation in Parliamentary Elections in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya; the three Arab countries which are going through a transition period to build democracy, since...
Monday, April 22, 2013
Report on Egyptian woman conditions in 2012
A report on the political, civil, economic and social rights of women in Egypt in 2012.   (We invite our users to read the complete report here)
Friday, April 19, 2013
Report of the Working Group on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice
The present report is submitted in accordance with Human Rights Council resolution 15/23. This first thematic report of the Working Group records current achievements in women‟s political representation and articulates the further challenges to ...
Friday, December 14, 2012
Report on Women’s Participation in UN Climate Negotiations
This report analyzes the participation of women in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) between 2008-2012 and provides a wide range of statistics.  There are figures on women's participation by country, delegation,...
Monday, October 15, 2012
Report on international standards and best practices on electoral financing to promote women’s political participation
In 2011-2012, the UNDP Romania CO has supported the Permanent Electoral Authority in identifying key entry points for advancing women participation in politics through the development of modern political party and electoral campaign financing, in...
Thursday, July 28, 2011
Religious Fundamentalisms and Their Gendered Impacts in Asia
  Amidst growing uncertainties in a globalised world, fundamentalist convictions have been gaining ground in many religions. Reinforced by the threat from international terrorism, this renaissance of religious fundamentalisms has created...
Tuesday, March 08, 2011
Report on Progress on Equality between Women and Men in 2010
This eighth report on equality between men and women describes developments towards gender equality in the European Union in 2010. Last year was a significant year for the European Commission’s work of advancing gender equality. We adopted a Women’...
Wednesday, March 02, 2011
Review of Inter Parliamentary Union‘s gender program “Gender Equality in Politics”
A Joint Gender Review of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) was commissioned by Sida together with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Irish Aid. The Review was carried out by Indevelop's Gender Experts between 1 April 2010...
Saturday, February 26, 2011
Report on Constituency Dialogues in Cambodia 2010
NDI‟s January to September 2010 constituency dialogues revealed significant consistencies in the concerns facing Cambodians across the program‟s 12 provinces: land conflicts; agricultural challenges, particularly irrigation needs and access to...
Wednesday, September 09, 2009
Report of the Secretary General: World Survey on the Role of Women in Development
The World Survey on the Role of Women in Development focuses on emerging development issues that have an impact on the role of women in the economy, and is presented to the Second Committee of the General Assembly at five-year intervals.The present...
Friday, November 23, 2007
Regional Strategies for Empowering Women
This report describes women’s role in influencing legislation in the Middle East and North Africa region. It includes case studies about advancing women’s political participation in the region, reforming family laws, and strengthening women’s...
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Report of the Fifth South Asia Regional Ministerial Conference Celebrating Beijing Plus Ten
This report is an account of the Fifth South Asia Regional Ministerial Meeting, "Celebrating Beijing Plus Ten.” It provides an overview of the presentations, discussions and recommendations given at the meeting; contains the consensus document "...
Friday, March 09, 2007
Review of Partner Relationships with GONG and Transparencia
This paper describes the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs’ (NDI) experience working with GONG, a Croatian coalition formed before the 1997 elections, and Transparencia, a Peruvian Organization consisting of professionals and...
Wednesday, March 07, 2007
Refugee and Returnee Women: Skills Acquired in Exile and their Application in Peacetime
Displaced El Salvadorian women who lived in Honduran refugee camps during the 1970s and 1980s acquired significant knowledge of communal systems of education, medical care, and production, which enabled them to be self-sufficient. However, upon...
Rapport de la quatrième conférence mondiale sur les femmes
Friday, September 29, 1995
Report of the Fourth World Conference on Women
The 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing marked a significant turning point for the global agenda for gender equality. The Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action, adopted unanimously by 189 countries, is an agenda for women’s...