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Friday, March 01, 2019
Malawi’s political parties snub women
Johannesburg, South Africa (ADV) – A Malawian NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGO-GCN) has expressed concern on political parties that snubbed women in the internal election processes with many female parliamentary candidates forced to stand as...
Monday, March 13, 2017
Mauritian women MPs work to raise awareness on gender violence
A group of women 12 MPs from the Réseau des femmes parlementaires mauritaniennes (Network of Mauritian Women Parliamentarians/REFPAM) organized a “caravan”, or outreach visits, to provinces in the country to reach out to local and religious leaders...
Wednesday, December 07, 2016
Mapping Scandinavian Research about Women in Public Life, published in English 1970-2015
This mapping is made for the benefit of researchers who want to learn about Gender Studies in the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden on the theme of women/gender in public life. Most of the research literature - especially...
Younger women and the 2015 election
Monday, November 24, 2014
Millennials, not Mumsnet: Younger women and the 2015 election (United Kingdom)
Should politicians be appearing on programmes like the X Factor to reach new audiences? Or should they be breaking down complex political subjects and putting them in simpler terms to get more potential voters interested? These were some of the...
Howard Student Association
Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Moments of silence for Michael Brown
Photo-Ikenna Ikeotuonye and the Howard University Student Association. Organiser Feminista Jones says that the National Moment of Silence, known as #NMOS14 on social media, was created in the wake of the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown and the...
Monday, November 25, 2013
Meet India’s Gulabi Gang – Female Activists for Change
While you may witness injustice on a daily basis, when was the last time you decided to interfere and help change a stranger’s situation? Either afraid of societal reprimand or confused on how to make a difference, many elect to ignore the pressing...
Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Muslim Women Redefine Feminism
Marginalized by both a patriarchal society and the narrow confines of Western feminist discourse, Muslim women around the world are developing their own form of activism. (We invite our users to read the complete article published April 4 2013)
Sunday, September 23, 2012
Momgolia: The Collective Action of Mongolia’s Women
The focus on a few specific men in the history of Mongolia can be attributed to the long focus on a monarchy-led country—with few leaders exercising great control over the majority. Socialism changed this focus to a degree, investing in educating...
Wednesday, March 07, 2012
Mobile Technologies and Empowerment: Enhancing human development through participation and innovation
The simplicity of new mobile platforms requiring only a basic mobile phone with SMS capacity has allowed their adoption all over the world — from South Africa, to India, to Mexico — to monitor elections, track violence and crime, provide...
Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Monitoring Electronic Technologies in Electoral Processes
This guide aims to increase the understanding of civic and political activists regarding what transparency measures to demand in establishing safeguards concerning electronic electoral technologies, as well as what skills their organizations will...
Saturday, January 24, 2009
Manual on Globalisation and Women
This discussion guide aims at serving the community organizers and trainers of Asian rural and indigenous organizations as a tool for discussion. It aims to develop a common understanding of globalization; presents critique of globalization and its...
Monday, July 07, 2008
MDG3 Global Call to Action Campaign
MDG3 Global Call to Action campaign focuses on the third Millennium Development Goal (MDG 3) on gender equality and women's economic empowerment. Half-way to 2015 we are still far from achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals to halve...