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Wednesday, October 02, 2019
Sukarno heir elected as Indonesia's first female House speaker
Indonesia's new parliament elected its first female speaker, Puan Maharani Nakshatra Kusyala, granddaughter of the country's first president, after members of the House of Representatives were sworn in on Tuesday amid continuing protests against...
Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Surabaya's Mrs. Mayor: Indonesia's Best-Kept Secret
Here, in Indonesia's second-largest city, legend tells of a titanic battle between Sura, the great white shark, and Baya, the crocodile. Meeting in a river one day, the two creatures fought ferociously for supremacy of the animal kingdom. The place...
Thursday, May 20, 2010
Sylviana Murni
“Being the first woman Mayor is indeed a great challenge. I have to prove not only to myself but also to the public, because if I am not perceived as a good leader, the general public would not be able to repose their faith in a woman who seeks...
Friday, February 16, 2007
Strengthening Women's Political Participation in Indonesia
This report presents an overview of the debates and discussions that resulted from International IDEA’s gender activities in Indonesia in 2002. These discussions focused on strengthening women’s participation within Indonesian politics, and dealt...