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Tuesday, September 11, 2018
‘Something has actually changed’: Women, minorities, first-time candidates drive Democratic House hopes
A flood of women, minorities and first-time candidates is poised to radically alter the composition of Congress next year after winning Democratic primaries in record numbers in 2018. White men are in the minority in the House Democratic candidate...
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Fighting sexual harassment helps women rise, says Canadian PM
TORONTO — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says movements such as Me Too play a role in changing a workplace culture that often keeps women from top-level positions. Speaking at a women’s summit in Toronto, the prime minister said sexual harassment is...
Monday, September 10, 2018
Online streaming of the documentary "Strike A Rock" in September
Streaming throughout September on SIMA RAMA, Strike A Rock tells the deeply personal journey of two South African mothers and best-friends, Primrose Sonti and Thumeka Magwangqana. After a police massacre that claims the lives of 37 striking mine...
Monday, September 10, 2018
Women parliamentarians from around the world meet in Dublin
Over 90 women parliamentarians from around the world, as well as members of Irish civil society groups, women in sport and in business have gathered at Dublin Castle for the first International Congress of Women's Caucuses. Almost 50 countries are...
Monday, September 10, 2018
Ireland: Women in politics will be key measure of gender equality
"The proportion of women in national parliaments will be a key measure of success in achieving gender equality and would spur, in turn, further progress”, President Michael D Higgins has said. Speaking at the International Congress of Parliamentary...
Friday, September 07, 2018
Regional network to promote women in elections working group meeting in Tunis
To further discuss the establishment of a gender electoral network in the Arab region, the Organization of Arab Electoral Management Bodies (Arab EMBs), the UNDP and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International...
Friday, September 07, 2018
Wind of change in Djibouti
Djibouti’s new legislature is making great efforts to become more representative of the country’s people. Elections in February changed the composition of the National Assembly with an intake of 60 per cent of new MPs. Women are better represented,...
Friday, September 07, 2018
UNGA 2018: Accelerating the women’s movement for peace and humanitarian action
Hosted by the Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund, in partnership with Australia, Canada, Ireland, the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders, UNFPA and UN Women. The evening event and reception will focus on "Innovating and Challenging the Status...
Friday, September 07, 2018
UNGA 2018: #SheIsEqual Summit
The #SheIsEqual Summit will bring together the brightest minds in policy, media, entertainment, and the private sector to explore where positive impact can be made on gender equality, women’s economic empowerment, girls’ education, and advocacy. For...
Friday, September 07, 2018
UNGA 2018: Data driving change, EM2030 SDG gender index
Equal Measures 2030 (EM2030) will present EM2030's SDG Gender Index framework, the most comprehensive Index on gender equality aligned to the SDGs and rooted in the expressed needs of gender advocates worldwide. During our event, we will explore the...
Friday, September 07, 2018
UNGA 2018: First Ladies high level Forum
Held annually during the week of the United Nations General Assembly, the First Ladies High Level Forum Annual Peace Award Dinner is one of the most anticipated women in executive leadership-focused events in New York City. The event brings together...
Thursday, September 06, 2018
In 2018, black women like Ayanna Pressley are fighting for political power — and winning
Ayanna Pressley pulled off an unexpected victory on Tuesday in the Democratic congressional primary in Massachusetts’s Seventh District, beating 10-term incumbent Rep. Michael Capuano with 59 percent of the vote. Barring a last-minute write-in...
Wednesday, September 05, 2018
Will women decide the Brazilian election? The potential impact of female voters and candidates
Polls suggest that women may play a decisive role in determining who wins the presidential race in Brazil this October. As many as two-thirds of women are currently undecided, and 60 percent reject one of the current front-runners, Congressman Jair...
Tuesday, September 04, 2018
Women participation and sustainable energy- Second World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development
The Second World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development  will take place on 12-13 September 2018 in Bali. The theme of the meeting entitled “Partnership towards Sustainable Energies for All.” This forum will be a joint effort of the...
Tuesday, September 04, 2018
Women and corruption: What positions must they hold to make a difference?
This paper in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization - Volume 151 examines in what roles women have an impact on corruption by focusing on female labor force participation and their presence in the parliament. Since much of the...
Friday, August 31, 2018
Moussa Timbiné
Moussa Timbiné is a Member of the National Assembly in Mali. This interview was conducted in November 2017 in Ottawa, Canada, during the Inter-parliamentary Union's Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians.
Friday, August 31, 2018
Will toxic politics stem the surge in women candidates?
When Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, it sparked a surge of female candidates. According to Rutgers Center for American Women and Politics, nearly 500 women initially filed to run for the U.S. House of Representatives, 54 filed...
Friday, August 31, 2018
Politics is a ‘rough and tough game’, but women are more than cut out for it
Early this week, Victorian MP Julia Banks announced that she would not contest her seat at the next election and would be leaving Parliament citing last week’s dramatic leadership spill as “the final straw”. Banks, a supporter of former Prime...