Online Courses


August 3, 2017
Source: UNDP
UNDP Online Course on Enhancing Women’s Participation Throughout the Electoral Cycle
Promoting the equal political participation of women is a key aspect of achieving inclusive and sustainable human development and achieving the targets set in the 2030 Agenda. The e-learning course ‘Enhancing Women’s Political Participation Throughout the Electoral Cycle’ covers the three phases of...
August 2, 2017
Online course on youth participation in electoral processes
This online course offers a dynamic and interactive approach to the question of youth participation in electoral processes and constitutes an important knowledge tool for electoral management bodies (EMBs). It aims to provide key understanding of the barriers youth are facing to participate and...
September 22, 2016
E-learning Portal for Parliaments
The platform features different courses focused on capacity-building for MPs. 
July 13, 2016
Online Course: Public Speaking and Debating 101
Public Speaking and Debating 101 is a course specifically created for women running for public office. This course offers instruction on public speaking techniques, debating techniques, debate preparation and candidate presentation. This course is organized and offered by the Political Institute...
July 13, 2016
Online Course: Candidate Campaign Preparation
Candidate Campaign Preparation is a course for women actively planning to run for office. This course gives candidate an overview of the process along with a list of steps to take to get prepared for the campaign process including network building, increasing name recognition and race assessment. ...
June 1, 2016
1-on-1 coaching on negotiation
To help you build your negotiation skills, Empower Women is teaming up with the negotiation consulting firm advantageSPRING to bring you the opportunity to win a 1-on-1 coaching session. You will have an opportunity to speak with an expert to gain insight on strategy, polish your approach, and...
May 23, 2016
Online Course: Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality Programming
Since the 1990s, gender equality advocates have increasingly urged humanitarian and development organizations to engage men and boys as a complement to empowering women and girls. This e-learning course offered by the Global Human Rights Education and Training Center (HREA) introduces participants...
May 23, 2016
Online Course: Gender Responsive Budgeting
Gender responsive budgeting is a tool to ensure that gender equality commitments are reflected and realized in public budgets. Since the 1990s, gender budgeting is increasingly used in developed and developing countries by different actors (ministries of finance, line ministries, NGOs, gender...
January 14, 2016
Online Course: Exploring Careers in Politics for Women
Exploring Careers in Politics is an online course that explores the number of lucrative career opportunities for women in the political sector and touches on transitioning professionally into the political sector. It is offered by the Political Institute for Women, which is an American education...