Oct 24

The International Conference on Gender and Politics on the theme of “Women and Politics in an Age of Uncertainty: The Road to Sustainable Democracy and Democratization” is to be held on October 24-26, 2017 in Ouarzazate, Morocco.

Jun 10

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May 22

This conference seeks to explore in the nature, origins, and manifestations of resistance to women’s political leadership, taking a global perspective and engaging scholars and practitioners working in a host of related areas.

May 22

Over the last twenty years, the world has witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of women serving in elected and appointed political roles.

May 11

“No citizens, no true democracy” is a widely held view in academic research and in democracy building processes.

Apr 27

Michel Martin, journalist and weekend host of NPR's All Things Considered will be moderating a conversation with:

Apr 26

Today, most citizens endorse democracy but expect much more than a periodic opportunity at the ballot box. These citizens have access to an expanding repertoire of mechanisms to express criticism and influence political processes. These mechanisms can be participatory, deliberative or direct.

Apr 01

The 136th Inter-parliamentary Union Assembly will take place in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from the 1st to the 5th of April, 2017.

Mar 29

Is backlash to women’s political participation rising? Do we see a new form of political violence? What role does social media play? What can policymakers do? 

Mar 21

In commemoration of National Women’s History Month, the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission will host a briefing on preventing and mitigating violence against women in politics.