Arab Feminist Knowledge Production Meeting



Arab Feminist Knowledge Production Meeting

Friday, July 27, 2012 - 14:30

What are we calling for exactly?

Young women activist, writers and feminists have been setting up alternative electronic media websites/blogs  to provide more critical coverage and point of views on various issues in the Arab region, from gender issues, Islamophobia, Palestinian Israeli conflict including the recent uprisings in the region.

Many of these websites, journals and even blogs don’t have the space to reflect on the work that they are producing, especially regarding language, access, responsible publishing, privilege and honest representation.

What are the common criteria among these different actors, and what are the challenges, how is this work complementary and how is not? How do these actors understand their role in re-narrating a different present? How do they understand their impact on activism in the region?

The event aims to provide the space and time for people to reflect and try to answer these questions. We will also put together a resource document about how knowledges are manipulated by regimes (social, political and economic regimes), and how we can challenge them and present knowledges of our own, that reflect more honestly the complex and sometimes conflicting realities of our lives and the forces that are affecting us.

SAN is calling forth knowledge producers from the region to come together and think about vital question regarding their work and knowledge they are producing.

Please apply by sending us an email telling us about your work, media/blog, and what will you offer to the meeting (session, workshop, helping to organize the document, translation?)

Who can apply?

Young feminist writers, bloggers, artist and feminist and women’s rights groups across the region, that are involved in production arab feminist knowledge in all its form ( books, blogs, films and media).

More information?

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