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Women make up only 23.5% of Members of Parliament according to the latest available data of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. While significant strides in women’s political participation have been made since the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action in 1995, which set Member States’ target of achieving gender balance in political decision-making, women are still underrepresented in political decision-making at all levels and gender balance remains an aspirational goal.  Gains in women’s participation have been notable in countries that have taken proactive steps to support women’s political participation, including reforming or amending discriminatory laws, taking concrete action to address violence against women in politics and gender discrimination within parliaments, addressing gender-specific barriers, and supporting women in all forms of decision-making including at local level and in executive government.


Is India’s new gender quota bill an empty promise?
The Indian parliament passed a historic bill that necessitates the lower house of the parliament and the state legislatures to earmark one-third of their seats to women. In terms of women’s...
EU Parliament seeks to improve gender balance on committees
BRUSSELS — The European Parliament is considering changing its rules to improve the gender balance of its committees.The measures are designed to address “striking disparities” in the gender balance...
Global parliament gender gap persists
Only 26.5% of the world’s parliamentarians are women, placing the world on the back foot in achieving gender parity, but Namibia could achieve its 50/50 target by 2025.Gender equality minister Doreen...
Where are all Liberia's women in public office?
Despite being once heralded for becoming the first African country to elect a woman president, Liberia’s political landscape is sorely lacking in its representation of women.Seventeen years ago, when...
'You're almost afraid to say what you think': Harassment contribu...
AN ELECTED member of Cork County Council, who has announced her intention not to run again, has said she received a death threat and online abuse during her two terms as a councillor.During an...
Pathways to Politics Program for Women aims to increase female representation in...
Australia still lags behind countries like Iceland, New Zealand and Rwanda when it comes to female representation in parliament — but a national program is hoping to change that. Sallee Shepherd has...
Thai politicians, sexual harassment and what really needs to be fixed?
Move Forward Party MPs Wuttipong Thonglour and Chaiyamparwaan Manpianjit were expelled from the party after it was decided by the party’s disciplinary board that they had sexually harassed party...
Uganda: Women still lag behind in politics – new report
Ugandan women as a special interest group remain on the sidelines of mainstream politics despite years of affirmative action, a new government report has revealed.Released on Tuesday by the Equal...
What stands in way of realising two-thirds gender requirement
While celebrating 13 years since the promulgation of Kenya’s 2010 Constitution, Katiba Institute highlighted several achievements, some of which demonstrated a greater involvement of women in...

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