Nigerian women in politics: Biases, barriers, solutions

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December 14, 2018

Nigerian women in politics: Biases, barriers, solutions


By Vweta Chadwick,

During a visit to Nigeria in January this year, the UK special envoy on gender equality, Joanna Roper told journalists 250 million pounds has been earmarked by the British government towards getting more Nigerian women get into political offices, mediation and conflict resolution roles.

Laudable gestures like this risk the unintended effect of the average Nigerian thinking the UK has achieved gender equality in politics. Not quite. Though women are more than half the population, UK has less than a 3rd women MPs and ranks 38th globally for parliamentary gender equality.

No doubt there are lessons to learn from the UK, however, if we really want to see a marked change, we must cast our gaze homewards, to Rwanda.

49 percent women 6 percent representation.

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