Why don’t we see women as “electable”?


August 31, 2022

Why don’t we see women as “electable”?


Journalist Ali Vitali is the author of "Electable: Why America Hasn't Put a Woman in the White House ... Yet" (Molly Roecker)

Journalist Ali Vitali covered female presidential candidates in 2020. Now she reflects on what got in their way.

As coverage of the 2022 midterms continues, NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Ali Vitali is ready to see more women running for office and watch how candidates are going to address women’s issues, including childcare and access to abortion.

During the 2020 election cycle, Vitali was on the campaign trail covering candidates like Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar. It seemed like a remarkable year, one in which a woman finally had a chance to be elected as the president of the United States.

Click here to read the full article published by Poynter on 22 August 2022.

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