Lives saved in Viet Nam by involving women in disaster planning

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Lives saved in Viet Nam by involving women in disaster planning

Through the training of women in disaster management, as well as national lobbying, the contribution of women has been recognized and a government decree now gives the Women’s Union an official space in decision-making bodies. 

For millions of people in rural Viet Nam, the impacts of climate change are mounting and sometimes deadly. As weather patterns change, many of Viet Nam’s women in particular are paying a high price.

“The weather becomes more extreme and erratic. Storms, heavy rains and floods destroy fields and houses, kill animals and people every year,” said Ranh Nguyen, 35, a farmer and the head of the Women's Union group in An Dung commune, in Binh Dinh province, central Viet Nam.  

There, Ranh and her neighbours have joined the Viet Nam Women’s Union and are working with UN Women to strengthen the role of women in disaster risk-reduction and disaster-reduction management.

Some 80 km from the city of Binh Dinh, An Dung commune is always at high risk of flooding as it only has one road connecting it to other communes and landslides often occur during the storm season. Almost every year, the commune suffers at least one severe flood that damages crops and houses heavily. And women are often the most affected.

However, things are starting to change.

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