Half fees for all Somalia women vying in coming October elections

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Half fees for all Somalia women vying in coming October elections


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Somalia is halving the registration fees for women candidates to encourage more participation in the upcoming elections.

Last week, the National Consultative Council, an organ created with representation from the Prime Minister and five federal states, finally fixed a definite timeline for elections that will culminate in presidential polls on October 10.

Prime Minister Hussein Roble has said women aspirants at all levels will pay half the official registration fees.

"The Council, in considering a request from women, has reduced the fee for [female] candidates for member of parliament by 50 percent," Mr Roble said.

It means that female parliamentary candidates will pay $20,000, as opposed to the $40,000 required by the National Electoral Commission for Senate hopefuls, or $15,000 for the Lower House as opposed to $30,000. The fee itself has been a bone of contention and leaders had asked it to be lowered for all candidates. Presidential contenders will be required to pay $50,000.

This offer adds to an earlier agreement by leaders to reserve at least 30 percent of seats for women, although the officials have not explained exactly how that will happen.

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