Palau senators inspired by Australian women politicians

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Palau senators inspired by Australian women politicians

Two senators from Palau say the women in politics they met during a recent visit to Australia have inspired them to be better politicians.

Jerilin Senior and Rukebai Inabo spent time in the Australian capital, Canberra, and visiting the constituencies of Australian senators and MPs, as part of the Pacific Women's Parliamentary Partnership Program.

Senator Inabo has told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat program she's "learned to be a better politician" by spending time with Australian women politicians, watching how they work.

"I have learned so much from being here and I think I'll be a more productive senator," she said.

"It's not campaigning, it's keeping in touch with the people. One (Australian) senator also mentioned the fact that you maintain that relationship and you come to know the issues that affect your people. That makes you a more effective senator.


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