In progressive Taiwan, sexist slurs mar presidential election

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In progressive Taiwan, sexist slurs mar presidential election


Taiwan has forged a reputation as Asia’s most progressive democracy, and it boasts a higher proportion of women in parliament than anywhere else in the region — yet misogynistic insults have littered its presidential race.

The campaign for the Jan. 11 polls has exposed an undercurrent where female politicians face a gauntlet of personal abuse and jibes that their male counterparts rarely suffer.

The island’s most prominent female politician is President Tsai Ing-wen, 63, who is seeking a second term.

She has once again faced insults based on her sex, much of it focused on the fact she is not married and does not have children.

Wu Den-yih, chairman of the opposition Kuomintang, earlier this month used a Taiwanese slang term to dub Tsai “an unlucky woman” who had brought misfortune to her people.

And her presidential opponent Han Kuo-yu, 62, invoked two characters from an ancient Chinese erotic novel to describe Tsai’s rivalry with her running mate.

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