Rwanda Enacts Friendly Law for New Mothers

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Rwanda Enacts Friendly Law for New Mothers

Rwanda, leader on women’s political empowerment, have recently passed a new law giving rights to new mothers. Thus, the new maternity protection law gives mothers a one year leave plus a payment that equals 100% of the salary. According to Yvonne Uwayisenga, deputy vice-chairperson of the Chamber of Deputies’ Committee on Political Affairs and Gender, this law represents a major success for women’s rights. There is a clear increase in the protection with respect to the previous law, which granted only 20% of the salary. In the words of Ms. Uwayisenga:

“This is good news for new mothers who will no longer struggle with the low pay of only 20% Even the final six weeks of the leave will be paid for in addition to the 30 days recommended by the doctor”.

The law is also a success for the civil society of Rwanda, since a movement of working mothers had been organized in order to protest for the deficiencies of the previous law that regulated the provisions for working mothers.

The law also provides further improvements related to the access to justice of new mothers, so they can effectively exercise their rights. Follow this link to learn more about this news story.