State Betters 2009 Turnout, Women on Top , India

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State Betters 2009 Turnout, Women on Top , India

Women in Tamil Nadu not only outnumbered men on the voter list, they beat them in the race for getting the indelible mark on April 24. While 73.51 per cent of men (2,02,27,493) exercised their franchise for the Lok Sabha elections, the number of women who cast their votes stood at 73.86 per cent (2,03,27,045).

Of the total number of voters (5,50,42,876), except the Service Voters, 4,05,54,957 cast their votes in this election. With this, the final poll percentage stood at 73.68.

This figure was a tad better than the 2009 elections, which recorded a voter turnout of 72.98 per cent, but the highest ever poll percentage in the State was in 1967 (76.59 per cent) when the DMK dethroned the then mighty Congress.


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