Women ablaze: Australia's fiery gender-war election

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Women ablaze: Australia's fiery gender-war election

Loud, crude, risky, seductive, personal and at times violent, Australia's "gender war" will go down as the legacy of the 2013 national elections, no matter the political outcome.

And one of the loudest battles recently, with about two months left before the elections, is between the country's female voters and is led by their standard-bearer, Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

"Sorry Julia. But women aren't buying the gender wars," ran a headline in MamaMia after Gillard's recent launch of Women for Gillard, which Gillard said she based on the Women for Obama fundraising campaign.

"Women's equality has always been hard-fought-for, and we're entering a hard fight again," Gillard said, pinning abortion as the election's bellwether issue.

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