Women face political barriers ahead of Turkey elections

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Women face political barriers ahead of Turkey elections


Nearly three-quarters of respondents to a poll say they would support a woman in their family entering politics, but only 17.4 percent of the deputies elected to the Turkish parliament in 2018 were women [File: Dilara Senkaya/Reuters]

Polling shows that most Turks want more women involved in politics, but their underrepresentation continues.

Istanbul, Turkey – A nondescript apartment in Istanbul’s business district is the nerve centre of a drive to propel more women into Turkish politics.

But with some 60 million voters due to cast their ballots in presidential and parliamentary elections on Sunday, the mood at the office of Ben Secerim, or I Choose, is one of disappointment.

Earlier this month, Ben Secerim unveiled 20 women who will stand for four parties in the May 14 legislative election. However, due to the nature of the election process – votes for parties are allocated to candidates according to their placement on ranked party lists – just four stand any real hope of entering the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

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