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Monday, July 27, 2020
What is holding back Sri Lankan Women from entering politics: Lihini Fernando decodes
Despite Sri Lankan women having progressed by breaking boundaries in many fields, their participation in the country’s politics has remained abysmal. United National Party municipal councillor from Moratuwa, Lihini Fernando, says that even though...
Friday, September 06, 2019
Women and politics
For the first time in 20 years a woman candidate has been named to contest at the upcoming Presidential Election. Environmentalist Dr. Ajantha Perera being nominated is largely seen as a positive sign for increased women representation in Sri Lankan...
Tuesday, April 02, 2019
Political Participation of Women in Local Governance: A Case Study of Selected Local Government Bodies in Eastern Sri Lanka
Although Sri Lanka has 51% women, their participation in local governance as well as in the national parliament is 5% in total. The strong social development indicator of women in areas such as health and education has not translated into their...
Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Comparative experiences: Operationalizing the 25% quota for women in Local Government in Sri Lanka
(PRESS RELEASE) – 31 July 2017, Colombo: A discussion forum on operationalizing the 25% quota for women in Local Government, and comparative experiences on advancing women’s political participation was held on Wednesday, 26 July 2017 at the...
Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Naushalya Rajapaksha
Following the August 2015 General Election in her country, Naushalya comments on the challenges women face in politics in Sri Lanka and the reasons that might deter women from getting involved in politics. She also gives valuable advice to the...
Tuesday, May 06, 2014
Living with insecurity: Marginalization and sexual violence against women in north and east Sri Lanka
Four years since the end of the armed conflict, the situation of minority women in the north and east of Sri Lanka has changed dramatically – and for many it is getting worse. In the latter stages of the conflict and its aftermath, military forces...
Friday, May 02, 2014
Only Until the Rice is Cooked? The Domestic Violence Act, Familial Ideology, and Cultural Narratives in Sri Lanka
In August 2005, the Sri Lankan Parliament unanimously passed the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act No 34 (PDVA), marking the culmination of a legal advocacy process initiated by a coalition of women’s NGOs in 1999. The unanimous vote, however...
Monday, April 28, 2014
Country Reviews: Women’s Political Participation in South Asia.”
Governance in all South Asian countries is imbued with a predominantly patriarchal character. This is reflected in the fact that women form a disproportionately small segment of representatives in elected bodies across all levels of governance, and...
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Violence against women in politics
Highlighting news, interviews, resources and events on violence against women in politics
Friday, September 07, 2012
Sri Lanka: Main opposition to present bill to protect women and child rights
Sri Lanka's main opposition United National Party (UNP) is to present a private member's motion in parliament to protect women and child rights in the country. UNP parliamentarian Rosy Senanayake says the bill while safeguarding women and child...
Thursday, August 02, 2012
Power, Voice and Rights: South Asia Regional Conference on Women’s Political Leadership 2011
The report summarizes the key deliberations and outcomes of the said Conference organized in October 2011 by the Parliament of Bangladesh and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) under the framework of the “Improving Democracy through...
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Women in Sri Lanka Unite to Demand an End to their Political Exclusion
Women from 17 different political parties in Sri Lanka united on March 8th to create a declaration printed in newspapers for the International Day of the Woman. The declaration called for the end of political exclusion of women, for an...
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Terrorism, A Major Setback For Womens' Developmen
Addressing the second International Women's Conference in Bangalore, India last Friday, Madam Shiranthi Rajapaksa said, "women, especially in the developing world face much hardship as a result of terrorism, poverty, lack of education, lack of...
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Sri Lanka: 25 Years On, Women Still Struggle for Their Rights
"While on one side the conflict created havoc in Sri Lanka, on the other hand it—to some extent—helped to advance the rights of women, particularly in strongly male-dominated societies where the women’s place—to use a common phrase—is ‘at home...
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Sri Lanka: Women's Role in Politics Minimal in Lanka
Sri Lanka displays positive aspects regarding its population, other than in one area:the number of women in politics. According to 2009 data, women hold 13 out of the 255 seats in Parliament, that is five percent of all seats. Women tend to...
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Sri Lanka: Women's Representation in Local Government Elections
Women should be included in political parties.  We have been working in one district as a pilot program to take women who are active in politics at district levels. We created profiles for them on their ability to mobilize people on their own...
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Sri Lanka: Parliamentarian Breaks Silence on Domestic Violence
Upeksha Suwarnamali became famous playing the role of 'Pabha', a poor young girl in love with a rich man in a long running hit television series in Sri Lanka. But these days, she is better known for her real life: A victim of domestic...
Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka politics in need of more women
Today only 5.8 percent of the Sri Lankan parliament is female, most of whom were elected because they inherited a voter base from a male family member. And, at 1.8 percent, the rate of female representation in Sri Lanka’s local politics is...