Bolivia: Indigenous Women Seek the Political Kingdom

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Bolivia: Indigenous Women Seek the Political Kingdom

A Quechua leader at a meeting on rural women in Bolivia. Credit: Franz Chávez/IPS.

Photo credit: Franz Chávez/IPS

A growing number of Bolivia’s indigenous women are participating in politics, ready to break the barriers of gender and ethnicity.

Though spread across great distances and representing various realities,  many of these women share a similar history. Most started out leading civil society organisations and then went on to run for local public office, often overcoming resistance within their own families.


“The major obstacles (to accessing a government position) are domestic duties and economic issues,” Lucinda Villca, a councilwoman from Santiago de Andamarca, a municipality in the western district of Oruro, told IPS.


Villca is one of four councilwomen who shared their experiences with IPS during a national meeting of women leaders from rural local governments held recently in the central Bolivian city of Cochabamba.


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