Mexico: Women Secure a Third of Mexican Parliament

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Mexico: Women Secure a Third of Mexican Parliament

Female candidates are poised to occupy an unprecedented third of the seats in Mexico’s bicameral parliament when preliminary results for the Jul.1 election are confirmed.

In the lower chamber, 95 women were elected through direct vote (in a relative majority system), according to the preliminary results from the Federal Electoral Institute.

That is 31.7 percent of the seats filled through direct vote in that chamber, almost doubling the 17.33 percent obtained in 2009 when 52 women were elected. In the previous elections, however, eight women had given up their places to a male alternate.

In addition, 91 women were elected through the system of multi-candidate lists (proportional representation). This means that when the new legislative period is inaugurated on Sep. 1 the lower chamber will have a total of 186 female representatives, or 37.2 percent of the house.


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