More Women Needed in Chinese Politics

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More Women Needed in Chinese Politics

Despite the fact that Fu Ying, vice minister of foreign affairs, recently became China's first female spokesperson for the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), Chinese women’s political participation still lags behind. Out of the 2,987 NPC deputies, only 699 are women, putting the ratio out of proportion to China’s sex ratio at birth.

Many women in China need more political and legal training. “Political training is important,” said migrant worker and NPC deputy Zhu Xueqin. “A solid knowledge of the law and politics is crucial for women.” Zhu joined the training session for deputies before attending the conference this year.

Chinese women have seen their status in society rise over the course of the past century. But it is undeniable that more needs to be done in terms of fighting domestic violence, sexual harassment and gender discrimination. The National People’s Congress system needs to be improved to create more chances for women to participate in politics.


(Source: Women of China)