Egypt: Council - Women Were Marginalized Under Brotherhood's Rule

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Egypt: Council - Women Were Marginalized Under Brotherhood's Rule

Ambassador Mervat Talawi, the National Council for Women's head, called on all countries to recognize the Muslim Brotherhood's crimes to terrorize citizens and cause instability and turbulence in Egypt. Women were the first to suffer for a whole year under the Muslim Brotherhood's rule, Talawi said at a press conference on Monday. They were marginalized and excluded. Their rights, for which they fought for decades, were stolen, Talawi stated.The conference was held by the National Initiative for Positive Interaction at its headquarters in Garden City.

The initiative for positive interaction aims to convey the opinions of citizen to foreign bodies that ignore or do not recognize the truth, Talawi said.The initiative groups a team of political experts who will visit Geneva during the coming days to clarify the truth of the situation in Egypt, she explained.

June 30 is a pure Egyptian revolution, not a military coup as some try to name it, Talawi stated.The revolution proved to everyone that the democracy which countries of the Western world call for is a fake democracy ruled by interests, she added.

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