Campaign Fundraising: How Do Women Find the Money Necessary to Run and Win?



Campaign Fundraising: How Do Women Find the Money Necessary to Run and Win?

One of the greatest issues for women running for office, and for those women deciding whether or not to run for office, is money. Women generally feel as if they have fewer financial resources and networks upon which to draw for financial campaign support. And yet women around the world are employing new and innovative strategies to find the money necessary to run and win an effective campaign. This is the ideal forum for women to share these strategies.

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Fundraising is one of the key components in any campaign. Candidates need to carefully plan their fundraising strategies and accurately manage them. The planning process allows candidates and their staff to think through who they should solicit from, which issues are important for donors, and how they are going to spend their money. Ms. Winnie Byanyima, the Director of UNDP Gender Team/ Bureau for Development Policy, in her interview to iKNOW Politics suggested that women fundraise easier when they have consistent and clear agendas that target important social issues. She also advised to have a well-organized fundraising and money managing strategies to ensure the constituents that their money is not being mishandled. Here is an interesting link to the article What is the best way to fundraise? Plan for it!

It would also be interesting to hear about women’s experiences with private donations and government and party financing. Has one of these financing forms been more beneficial than the other?

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The task of fundraising can be a daunting one, however the obstacles that will inevitably be encountered can also be combated through solidarity. More specifically, when women unite under a common cause, the results can be profound. Fundraising can be done by individuals, groups, or communities, and funds can be acquired from individuals, community organizations, governmental organizations, UN related agencies, and many other sources. Some fundraising techniques include holding auctions, participating in networking events, and informing yourself as well as those around you of the cause that is being pursued. EMILY’s List exemplifies some of the dramatic results that have the potential to follow concerted efforts of organized action. EMILY’s List is a grassroots political network that strives to help Democratic pro-choice women get elected to office. The organization’s success can be seen in the progress it has made since its inception 22 years ago. Such success would not be possible without the mutual empowerment that reinforces the confidence of the organization and the individual women who sustain it. More information can be found at .

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This is my advise to you please, don't make it a do or die affairs, work diligently especially amongst women groups. Let them know why they should vote for you and what they are likely to loose if they do otherwise. Pray fervently and take your campaign to the grassroot. You are likely to receive votes now from people to compensate you for the displacement  of your mother by post election violence of 2007. I wish you all the best.


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women can organize themselves into small groups and start mobilization at an early stage. materials for campaigs can be bought and kept ready for printing when the time comes. if you are in a communial set-up appearing in several community inititatives helps build your name and visibility which is essential. we not only need money connecting and bonding with constitutents is essential.

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Thank you Ladies for your advise and experience. I am planning to vie for a parliamentary seat in 2012 in my home constituency which was greatly affected by post election violence in 2007 where my own mother was displaced. Kindly send me advice on how to make it through I am passionate about it and there is no turning back. Thank you.

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I am also aspiring to run for parliament in 2012. I guess we come from the same country. why dont we link up and start making preparations. As a matter of fact, i am trying to gather all young women aspiring for office to come together and let us build a united front. Umoja wetu ni Nguvu yetu.

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Thank you for the information. I am running too for Paliament so we can connect and come on with a common ground. We also need resources for our people believ in the haves. We also need alot of education to our people's picture

Greetings, Women find money necessary to run and win because of the logistics involved.we have very able and tough competitors called men,who have always used alot of money against us,even though we have good ,real ideas of which if given a chance to implement we are wonderful women lets work hard , be ready to share ideas as its the only way to enable us get where we want. thanks caroline

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You being passionate is half the battle won.Organise women that support you to spread the message,your manifesto and what you stand for..This way you don't have to be in a certain place for too long.The women can take the message before you and you can meet with constituents to answer their specific questions in person.This will also mean that you have reached the constituents twice,once with your message which has gone before you so people have time to dwell on it, and then you go in person. All the very best jecinta and god be with you and your family. Priscilla

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Hi, I completely agree with your suggestions. I am running to be the main senator at my university- a process where usually males dominate in elections. I have been given one day to campaign. However, that does not mean I will start getting campaign materials together only during that day. I have been getting a team together of supporters from different faculties to represent my brand and my message to their respective classrooms. Application to the real world: Start early (get a draft poster, draft of the rest of the campaign materials), get a supporter in every stratum of societal life (literature groups, athletes, retail owners associations, soccer moms, corporative groups, etc.), and make sure that they are just as excited as you are to get your campaign some media press and attention. Besides representing you in their circles, also obtain as many contacts and networks from these supporters. A culmulative network is waiting to be used- potential financial supporters and media. The more hype and excitement there is surrounding the campaign- particularly news coverage- the better! There are always more chances for sponsorship and financial support once you get on the radio, newspaper, or the television. It always helps to stay involved. I meet so many people with many different talents and interested through my extracurricular involvement. Due to external involvements, I have established a network ranging one of Justin Trudeau's interns to an upcoming performer in the Cirque Du Soleil. Many talents = more exposure = diversity = numbers to vote you in!

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Hi josephine, thanks for the info, just sharing that Women human rights defenders all over the world have led and participated in campaigns to end violations against them, often challenging social, cultural or religious norms and Numerous victories have been won, but women human rights defenders in some countries remain at risk.

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This issue of fund raising for women in politic in Cameroon is very sensitive. Most women and men don't know that they can come together to raise fund to support a female candidate. They believe that before a women goes into politic, she has money.

For some of us female politician to have money, we save weekly or monthly to raise money for our campaign. Our country is not yet mature to support female politician as fund raising is conerned.


Would other members of this group like to share their challenges and strategies in raising funds to run for political office?