Women's Leadership



A continental model for gender parity
With so many women running for president in the United States, Americans might want to keep an eye on what Europe has lately achieved in female leadership for its top governing institutions. It has become a model for gender inclusivity.In July, two...
Women perched atop the glass cliff in politics
By Gordon Hodson Ph.D.,Social psychologists often study prejudice (e.g., sexism) at the level of the individual. For instance, to what extent does a sexist belief/stereotype held by a man predict his degree of sexism toward women...
Women in politics: adornments and witches
By Jan Lundius,Some world leaders try to prove their alpha male status by presenting attractive and submissive wives as tokens won in virile scrambles with other potent stags. A recent example of such puerile machismo was exposed in a twitter...
Women ran. Women won. Women changed the rules of American politics
By Kathleen Townsend,“See Jane Win” is a bracing antidote to that dreadful November election night in 2016 when women of the world watched as their champion, so close to shattering the highest glass ceiling, lost to a self-avowed assaulter. As the...
The women’s revolution in politics
By Caitlin Moscatello,When waves of pink-hatted women engulfed the streets the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated — having beaten the first woman to be nominated by a major party despite his viral boasts of grabbing women by their genitals — the...
When you’re not the ‘pick of the establishment’
By Caitlin Moscatello,The past few years have been groundbreaking for women in politics: In 2018, more women campaigned for elected office than at any time in U.S. history, and there are now more women in Congress and state legislatures than ever...

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