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Stella Creasy: “Coronavirus is like a magnifying lens on inequalities”
She thought she had everything lined up perfectly. Stella Creasy, the Labour and Cooperative MP for Walthamstow, would get off at Green Park station and walk her seven-month-old daughter, Hettie, in the pram to Westminster. This would get Hettie to...
From New Zealand to Iceland, the femocracies that aced their coronavirus response
By Katie Strick,As the people of New Zealand prepared to go into lockdown in March, their prime minister Jacinda Ardern went live on Facebook from her sofa. “I thought I’d jump online and just check in with everyone, really, as we all...
Put women at the centre of Syria crisis response
As the Syria crisis enters its 10th year, the situation is especially dire for women and girls, with the effects of COVID-19 compounding the risks and hardships for millions of people inside the country and for refugees around the region.Today...
The politics of pantsuits. Teen grapples with unwritten dress code for women in leadership
For the first time in United States history, the country saw six women run for president in the 2020 election. Unlike the male candidates, the women were asked about their fashion choices.What women candidates wear plays a huge role in whether...
What the data really says about women leaders and the pandemic
Women leaders were more likely to crush it in the pandemic than their male counterparts. At first, few seemed to question whether this were true, though plenty debated why it would be so. Was it because of the...
A year after Bashir’s fall, the struggle for Sudanese women continues
By Reem Abbas,In a recent meeting between Sudanese women activists and members of the central committee of the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), Sudan’s current ruling coalition, women were given myriad justifications for their exclusion from the...

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Resources on Gender-sensitive Responses to COVID-19

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