Gender Equality and Local Governance

Case Study

May 30, 2013

Gender Equality and Local Governance

This publication is the result of concrete activities supported by UN Women and the “Equity in Governance” (EiG) project which aimed at translating international commitments and national gender equality policy to the realities of local governance in Albania. Key insights, Experiences and lessons learned were discussed and presented to a wider public during the conference on “Gender Equality and Local Governance”, organized by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (MoLSAEO) in cooperation with UN Women and the EiG project in Tirana in March 2011. The conference gathered over one hundred representatives from central and local governments and civil society, experts, as well as donors, embassies, and partners, to share best practices on how local governments can better respond to the needs of women and men, and make governance systems, processes and structures more gender-sensitive. The publication also draws on the successes and lessons learned from concrete gender-responsive local government initiatives implemented in five municipalities in Albania, as well as in Serbia. All examples were financially and technically supported by either UN Women or the EiG project. Case studies describe in a concrete manner how these initiatives were developed and implemented, and highlight their impact on women and men. The emphasis is always placed on the process: what was done? How was it done? How can we replicate the activity in other municipalities?

The case studies contained in this publication describe the following aspects of gender-responsive

local governance:

•             Local Gender Action Plan Development in the Municipality of Berat

•             Engendering Statistics in the Municipality of Kamza

•             Participatory Budgeting in the Municipality of Elbasan

•             Domestic Violence: Coordinated Community Response in the Municipality of Gramsh

•             Citizen Score Card in the Municipality of Lushnje

•             Gender Analysis of the Budget in the Municipality of Užice, Serbia

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UN Women, Austria Development Cooperation and UN Albania
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